Please enjoy the time of the relief. Wedding of Sakaide grand hotel group that can additionally choose various situations.
Please suitably, and spend luxurious time sticking to one furnishing goods in the guest room with which the pastel vision was colored in a special day.

「【ビジネス人気の宿泊プラン】」 2018/05/15
 1泊朝食 お1人様 6、700円(税・サ込)

●《お日にち限定》【素泊まり】 バリュープラン◇出張旅行応援
 1泊宿泊のみ お1人様 3、800円(税・サ込)〜

1泊2食付 お1人様 5、850円(税・サ込)〜

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